Fred Rhoderick

“When I started climbing there were few resources and even fewer people willing to show someone new to the sport how to climb effectively and more importantly safely. I am passionate about equipping the next generation of climbers with the skills needed to allow their own passion for this wonderful sport to grow and flourish in a safe and healthy environment.”

Fred joined the Defying Gravity Board in 2014, although he has been involved with youth climbing in Missoula, MT for the last six years. Fred has been a climber since moving to Montana in 1998 and shares his passion for the outdoors with his two children Sam and Abbey.

Fred is employed by The University of Montana Center for Environmental Health Sciences as a molecular biology research scientist. He studies RNA – protein interactions as it relates to environmental exposures such as wood and diesel smoke, asbestos and carbon nano- materials.

When not working in the lab, watching his son play hockey, engaging whoever he can find at Freestone in endless conversation or logging miles to the next youth climbing competition, Fred can be found in the mountains in the PNW plugging cams in run-out granite with a constant smile on his face.

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