Susan Rhoderick

“No child should be denied the opportunity to participate based on economic, social status or out of fear of not being good enough. We exist as a non-profit to make that opportunity available in a positive fun environment.”

Susan is a founding member of Defying Gravity and has been involved in youth climbing in Missoula the last seven years. With a drive to succeed she single handedly organized and ran, with the help of a few dedicated volunteers, the 2014 Gnar Pirate Booty Bash. One of Susan’s main goals to achieve with Defying Gravity is to make climbing accessible to any child who wants to climb. In starting the non-profit her vision has constantly about the kids. Supplying everything from scholarships to basic climbing equipment is one of her ongoing goals operating within the non-profit. Climbing makes a difference in a child’s life, confidence, laughter, and growth are the goals she tries to achieve with each child that would like to compete.

Susan is a emergency medicine medical coder employed by Providence Health Services in Portland, OR, but works from home in her humble Missoula domicile.

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